About Us

About Us

Hilliard, OH & Columbus, OH

Climate Heating & Cooling is not your average HVAC repair company. Founded by two determined, family men, Climate Heating & Cooling’s core is based on values and morals that make us stand out. Providing reliable, effective, honest, and concise HVAC services to both commercial and residential properties, it is our goal to not just tell you why we are the best, but to prove it to you.

Technicians that put you first.

Our mission, while simple, is to provide you with the service that you deserve. At Climate Heating & Cooling, we don’t just care about your HVAC system, we care about you. Exceeding your expectation is not just a goal, it is our promise. Our commitment to the highest level of customer service, combined with superior technical skills, allow us to go above and beyond with the work that we do. No matter how big of a challenge we are presented with, you can trust that we have the knowledge and skills to diagnose the situation correctly and provide you with a long-lasting, effective solution.

When you call Climate Heating & Cooling, we take our time to thoroughly diagnose the HVAC problem at hand, paying attention to the smallest of details, and providing you with a proper solution. By offering you clear and concise information about what is wrong, we provide you with an effective plan to repair or replace whatever you need, at a reasonable and affordable price.

For your free estimate, or any questions, get in touch with our HVAC service team today.